Load Carrier

  • Piston diameter: 32 mm.
  • Low friction piston for a more silent and comfortable ride.
  • Shocks for vehicles bearing additional loads, trailers or tows.

Semi-reinforced "Ryder"

  • Piston diameter: 1 3/16”.
  • Designed under original equipment specifications.
  • Suspension control under extreme work and load conditions, providing comfort and control.
  • Their larger oil reservoir reduces wear and extends their useful life.

McPherson Cartridges

  • An affordable and convenient replacement for some original McPherson original units.  Superior ride characteristics, handling, smoothness and durability with GABRIEL’s signature shock absorber technology.

McPherson struts

  • GABRIEL quality and technology that ensure a long lasting, smooth and stable operation.
  • Larger tube thickness and diameter provide a better structure for your car or truck.

McPherson Nitro Gas

  • The GABRIEL structural shock provides a smoother drive on all types of terrain, along with increased safety and enhanced braking capability (adherence).
  • If a reference is not preceded by a “G”,  it does not have gas assistance.

Extra Reinforced “Fleet Line”

  • Piston diameter up to  1 5/8”.
  • Specially designed for trucks, buses, and tractor trucks.
  • Developed to replace original equipment shock absorbers in modern air suspensions.

Reinforced and pressurized with valve

  • Self-compensating
  • The ideal shock absorber for double traction vehicles.  Designed for trucks, pickups, and utility vehicles.
  • Provides a safe, quiet, and comfortable ride, improving traction and reducing impact, while yielding better control.

Semi-reinforced Pressurized “Gas Ryder”

  • Piston diameter: 1” 3/16”.
  • Effective for demanding conditions.
  • The added gas provides a consistent and quick response to the changing conditions of our roads, with a more quiet and comfortable ride.
  • Nitro Gas, a high technology GABRIEL product.

REINFORCED “Commercial Series”

  • Piston diameter: 1” 3/8”.
  • Designed to provide higher performance and durability while tackling the most demanding work and topography conditions.

"Steering Dampers"

  • Piston diameter: 1 3/16”
  • Specially made to work in a horizontal position.
  • SEMI REINFORCED shocks for steering handling and control.
  • Prevents shimmy in the steering system.


  • Piston diameter: 1”
  • Manufactured under original equipment specifications.
  • Affordable line that provides safety and a smooth ride under normal working conditions.